News The Official Web Page of the Government of Equatorial Guinea,, can now be read in Spanish and in English. Since last week, and coinciding with the national holiday of Independence Day, the official web page of the Equatorial Guinean Government, is provided both in Spanish and in English. This way, we wish to widen the frontiers of our already broad audience with the most-used language on earth.


Since last October 12, National Independence Day, all our news and information are published in Spanish as well as in English, in order to answer the request of thousands of people from various countries in the world interested in the contents of the official Equatorial Guinean government web page.

According to the statistics, letters received and surveys carried out, the profile of reader that follows our web page is made up of politicians, journalists, businessmen, and students from all around the world. A profile in which there are many influential personalities and opinion leaders distributed along the international and multi-national spectrum.

Apart from this, the audience of increases continuously, going from 18,962 visits in January 2010 to 30,424 inSeptember. Also, from January to September of 2010 over 2,400,000 pages from our website have been visited from all over the world.

The countries from where there are more visits to our web page are United States, Spain, Great Britain, France, China, India, Japan, Brazil, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Italy and Ukraine, along with Equatorial Guinea.

They are followed, by number of visits, by: Malaysia, Turkey, Pakistan, Portugal, Ethiopia, Argentina, Germany, Canada, Australia, Belgium, Hong Kong, Poland, Senegal, Mexico, South Africa, Cameroon, Monaco, Greece, Morocco, Israel, Lithuania, Colombia, Russia, South Korea, Ireland, Luxemburg, Chile, Peru, Panama, Sweden, Iran, Venezuela, Gabon, Uruguay, Guatemala, Algeria, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Togo, Cuba, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Hungary, Czech Republic, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Thailand, New Zealand, Ecuador, Vatican City, Malta, Slovakian Republic, Norway, Paraguay, Ghana, Bulgaria, Libya, Guinea, Honduras, Singapore, Kuwait, Taiwan, Andorra Arab Emirates, in that approximate order.

With the reproduction of the web page in English, the audience’s expectations will be increasingly higher.

Information with education

The news articles from are prepared and written by the professionals at the D.G. Internet Base of the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism.

They all receive counseling and continuous training, presential or online, on journalism, writing, photography, editing, etc. Because of this, the web page is not only a means of information, but also an active and continuous school, with real and daily professional practice.

Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office.