News The technical officials of Nzalang “B” resign because of poor results in the Cemac Cup The role that the Nzalang National has had in the latest match in the CEMAC Cup has infuriated not only the sports world. Fans and sports authorities agree that this change was necessary.


The Equatorial Guinean fans, proud of their national team, have not been able to take the embarrassing role performed by their team in the recent match of the CEMAC Cup, where they lost straight away, and therefore demanded the coach’s dismissal. “The change of the technical officials was necessary and has been carried out, therefore, the Nzalang National will shortly experience a ninety-degree turn in its reconstruction.

This information was communicated by the President of the FEGUIFUT, Bonifacio Manga Obiang, in a press conference given this weekend to national and foreign media. The dismissed officials were present at the conference. Among other decisions, the President of FEGUIFUT made known the dissolution of the technical team made up by Casto Nopo, José David Ekang, and Armando Norberto Asumu because of the poor results in recent times.

This technical team also lost in the sub-20 and sub-17 leagues. After giving thanks for the work carried out and their patriotic spirit, they were dismissed from their posts. The President of FEGUIFUT spoke of the talks that he is having with the Spanish trainer Mariano Rubio and he added that in the future they would look for foreign coaches; except for the doctor, nutritionist and equipment manager who will be Guinean.

The President also spoke of the renewal of the players: “I guarantee that we already have ten and, the one of lesser category is in secondary B. I exclude Emilio Nsue of the Mallorca (Spain) team and Pedro Mba Obiang, of the Sampdoria (Italy) tem since talks are going very slowly for their integration in the national team. Regarding Bodipo and Balboa, it is not the Federation who must call the players; their return will depend on the new coach. We of course value what they have done and they will always be in our plans”.

Casto Nopo does not know how to accept defeat

Casto Nopo, the outgoing assistant coach for the national soccer team and head coach of the “B” team for five years, revealed that the elimination of the Nzalang occurred because he was pressured by phone to select four players from Spain, with whom he had not counted earlier because of their poor performance.

However, the President’s Secretary of State in charge of the Department of Youth and Sports, Ruslan Obiang Nsue, has denied the declarations made by the outgoing coach, now ex-coach of the national team and coach of the national team that played in the CEMAC Cup. Ruslan Obiang Nsue said that it was completely untrue, that neither he nor any of his collaborators had given Casto Nopo orders over the phone to pick any player. “What is true –said the Secretary of State- is that in a summit meeting before the match I asked Nopo why he did not pick the players called from Spain, with the logic that they could be better than the local league, since he had called them himself and, also, their transportation had cost the Government money. This was the logical reasoning that I offered him”.

The Government member concluded by urging the player that until recently was number two of the national Nzalang team not to drag anyone down with him in his defeat. If the team lost, it was because of his incompetence, so he must accept it. He reminded the coach of the opportunities that the national team has offered him, so he must not look for excuses for his failure.

Text: David Monsuy Senior

Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office (D.G. Base Internet).