News Homage to Trinidad Morgades Besari, ex Vice President of the UNGE After leaving the position of Vice President of the National University of Equatorial Guinea (UNGE) to be named Board Member of it, Trinidad Morgades Besari received yesterday afternoon the “Don Quijote 2010” award delivered by La Gaceta de Guinea Ecuatorial.


Trinidad Morgades Besari, one of the principal intellectual figures of Equatorial Guinea, with a long teaching career in the National University was paid homage last Tuesday, upon receiving the “Don Quijote 2010” award presented by the management of La Gaceta de Guinea Ecuatorial.

 The Ambassador of Cuba, María Carmen Reguero; the Ambassador of Spain, Manuel Gómez Acebo; the Councilor of the Ministry of Information on the Subject of Culture, Anacleto Olo; the Director of La Gaceta, Roberto Martín Prieto, attended the act, along with students, family members and friends.

 The ceremony began with the words of the Director of La Gaceta, who read the bibliography of Trinidad Morgades; this was followed by the words of the Councilor of the Ministry of Information, who recited a poem in honor of the ex-President of the University, praising her for her work and the cultural footprint that she has left on the entire world.

 Next, the Ambassador of Spain qualified Trinidad Morgades as one of the most special women he has known in Africa for her high level of knowledge. For this reason he felt moved and invited all those present, especially the students, to follow her steps.

 The Ambassador of Spain then presented Mrs. Morgades with the “Don Quijote 2010” Award. Upon receiving it, she expressed to all those present her emotion upon receiving this homage and transmitted her thanks to different institutions and persons, such as La Gaceta de Guinea Ecuatorial, the Spanish Cultural Center, her parents and especially her husband, Samuel Ebuka, as participant in this award, since, as she expressed, he has been her support for the 45 years they have been married.

 In relation to the biography of the ex-President of the University of Equatorial Guinea, now one of its Board Members, one must recall that she was born in 1931 in Santa Isabel of Fernando Poo (today Malabo) and that she is married to Manuel Ebuka Besebo. Important dates in her live are:

 In 1945, she went to High School in Canary Islands and in Barcelona (Spain).

 In 1954 she entered the University of Barcelona, in the school of Philosophy and Arts.

 n 1958 she got her degree in Philosophy and Arts, with the thesis “Shakespeare and Lope de Vega, in their era” from the University of Barcelona.

 In 1959 she returned to Equatorial Guinea, as professor of Language and Literature, and entered the school of Teaching of the Ministry of Santa Isabel (Malabo).

 In 1964 she was designated to attend the Conference of the WHO in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia).

 In 1965 she is named Director of Advanced Studies in the Cardenal Cisneros High School and member of the Board of Education of Ewaiso Ipola in Santa Isabel (Malabo).

 In 1968, after Independence, she is named the First Secretary of the Ambassador of Equatorial Guinea in Lagos (Nigeria).

 In 1971, she is named Cultural Attaché in the Embassy of Equatorial Guinea, in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia).

 In 1973, she leaves Equatorial Guinea and the Spanish Government sends her to Tetuan (Morocco), as professor of Literature in the Franciscan Missionary School.

 In 1975 she is incorporated to the Professorship of English and Literature in the Instituto Reyes Católicos de Vélez – Malaga (Spain).

 In 1986 she returns to Equatorial Guinea as Secretary General of the UNED, and teaches classes at the Embassy of the United States in Malabo.

 In 1988 she is named Secretary General of the Scientific Research Council (CICTE).

 In 1992 she is named Director of the National Agriculture School (ENA), as well as of the school of Agriculture, Fishing and Forestry.

 In the year 2000 she becomes Director of the newspaper “El Correo Guineoecuatoriano”. She writes and premieres the theatrical work “Antífona”.

 In the year 2023 she is elected Chairman of the Press Association of Equatorial Guinea (ASPOPGE).

 In 2005, she is named Vice President of the University of Equatorial Guinea (UNGE).

 In 2008 she is named Academic C of the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language.

 In the year 2010 she received the “Don Quijote” award by La Gaceta of Equatorial Guinea.

 Her ample career of activities includes a wide literary and intellectual creation: she has written articles in the publications Africa 2000, El Patio, Revista de Profesores Académicos para la Paz Mundial, El Correo Guineoecuatoriano, La Gaceta de Guinea Ecuatorial and the Árbol. She has also collaborated with the NGO “Macoelanba” in scholarships for girl students.

 The presentation of the award ended with a dinner for all the guests.

 Text: Sarilusi Tarifa King

 Photos: Clemente Ela Ondo Onguene.