News “Teresa”, the first medium-length film produced by the National Library: a story based on actual events. “Teresa” is the title of the first film –in medium-length format- produced by the National Library. It is of a story written by the Secretary of State for Libraries, Archives, Museums and Movie Theaters, Guillermina Mekuy Mba Obono, directed by Juan Pablo Ebang Esono and starring the actress Elena Iyanga.


Teresa, Rocío and Yolanda, which are the names that Elena Iyanga, Dina Anguesomo and Isabel Kote personify, are three adolescent students with totally different lives, but united by friendship.

 Teresa, the main character, is a young woman, enthusiast of the street life, fun, discotheques, dating... Her best friend is Rocío, a well-off who is less interested in studies because she has everything. And finally Yolanda is a young woman from a very humble family whose parents are ill; she takes her studies very seriously in order to get ahead in the future, and she advises her friends to take the right path, although they do not pay attention to her.

 It deals with a story based on actual events, produced by the National Library of Equatorial Guinea and filmed in the country by various young film makers of different producers and different means. The medium-length film, in fact, has meant a practical exercise of the course on cinematography given by Juan Pablo Ebang.

This film was projected for the first time in the Spanish Cultural Center of Malabo (CCEM) and in the Cultural Institute of French Expression of Malabo (ICEF).

It must be recalled that the persons responsible for this medium-length film decided to convert it into a film in a not far off future, through request and the impact that it has had on the public. The work was also interpreted by various theater groups of the country in different scenarios, among them we can highlight the one of national renown called “El Séptimo Arte” [the Seventh Art].

Brief Biographies

Guillermina Mekuy Mba Obono. She was born in Evinayong on July 25, 1982; she is the daughter of the diplomat Luis Mba Ndong Andeme, and moved to Madrid when she was 6 years old. She holds two university degrees (Law and Political Science) from the Autonomous University of Madrid, and currently is enrolled in the Distance Education University (UNED) in order to finish her third degree (Sociology).

When she was only 21, she published in Spain her first novel titled “El llanto de la perra” (Plaza&Janés, 2005), in which the comings and goings of a young woman with an unhappy past are narrated. The work sold out its entire edition and it was reprinted on various occasions. In 2008 she published her second story, “Las Tres Vírgenes de Santo Tomás”, whose appearance was a prelude to a change of life. These publications can be found in different libraries of Spanish-speaking countries. Currently she is working on her third publication. Guillermina combines her responsibility in the Government of Equatorial Guinea with her profession as a writer.

Juan Pablo Ebang Esono. The story of Juan Pablo Ebang Esono deserves a separate chapter. He was born in Malabo on June 30, 1981. He studied Cinema at the Nucine academy of Valencia, specializing as Cinematographic Director. Of the three previous works of his we can highlight the mythical short feature “No Está Desnuda”, filmed in January 2007, with which he won in Valencia the prize for the best short feature in the 3rd International Film Festival for Integration with a work starring Olga Alamán and Ivan L. Williams Owen. Juan Pablo Ebang has also participated in various filming sessions and movies.

Currently he is responsible for Movie Direction of the National Library of Equatorial Guinea and among his projects is that of teaching film classes to young people from other cities and provinces of the country.


Text: Mansueto Loeri

Photos: National Library of Equatorial Guinea

Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office (D.G. Base Internet).