Africa The President of the Spanish Government will attend the AU Summit in Equatorial Guinea The Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo, in statements to the Spanish press, has confirmed the presence of Mariano Rajoy in the African Union (AU) summit, which will be held in Malabo from June 20 to 27.


The President of the Spanish Government, who has been invited by the AU, has planned to intervene before the plenary of the summit in which Heads of State and of Government of 54 African countries will also participate, as published by the Spanish press. Mariano Rajoy is the only President of Government of the European Union (EU) that is going to attend this forum that will be held in Malabo.

Garcia-Margallo declared in a press conference that Rajoy will seek in this meeting the support of the African countries for the candidature of Spain in the UN Security Council, for the period 2015-2016; for which Africa constitutes a priority in the current Spanish foreign policy. No Spanish Head of Government has visited Equatorial Guinea in 23 years; the last one who did so was Felipe Gonzalez, in November 1991.

Spain competes with Turkey and New Zealand to enter in the cited United Nations Council, it specifically competes for two places that will be vacated in the same regional group to that which these countries belong.

Among the leaders and personalities of the world who will go to the summit, the attendance of the President-elect of Guinea-Bissau, Jose Mario Vaz is also envisaged, who will take possession of the post on the date of June 23 and on the 27th he will travel to Malabo to participate in the summit.

Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office.

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