Government Summary of the forum on sports in Equatorial Guinea After this weekend, Equatorial Guinean society expects a new impetus in the development of national sports, after the successful conclusion of the Conference on the State of Sport in Equatorial Guinea.


The result of this conference can be considered a success, due to the involvement and participation of the attendees in the various presentations and discussions. There were lectures on administration, legislation, human resource development, financing and media, among others.

The big issue was the funding of sports, but they also addressed other important issues, such as the maintenance of the existing infrastructures in the country, the lack of training camps for clubs and recommendation of recognizing the great athletes that are no longer active.

Furthermore, the conference has requested the creation of a special fund for the development of sports, increased sports funding sources through businesses, and for this group to respond, they asked for a tax reduction for sponsors. They also proposed tax increases in products such as alcoholic beverages and tobacco, whose income would go to this economic fund.

Other recommendations were the organization of campaigns of sports practice for the population, the planning and implementation of talent monitoring plans from the base, improved operation of the national teams, the reinforcement of the task and specialization of sports press, giving it the necessary means, and requested the assistance of the governors, Government delegates, mayors and other peripheral authorities to fund the sports in their jurisdictions.

Text: David Monsuy Senior.
Photos: Miguel Ángel Andjami Ndong.
(Equipo D. G. Base Internet)
Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office.

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