News New round of spraying on the Island of Bioko On Wednesday, January 15, at the headquarters of the National Program to Fight Malaria, began the spraying practices, which will be put into action during the first week of February.


The Program to Fight Malaria has been carrying out different activities in the last few years in order to end this disease in our country. Of these, one of the most prominent is the round of spraying in private homes, which is carried out every year throughout the country.

In this round a large team of over 150 people will take part, including sprayers, advance team agents, field supervisors, etc.

In these days prior to the start of the campaign, the newly hired agents are practicing and undergoing specific training in the use of the machines, in order to inform the public, and to be prepared for any eventuality that may arise.

This round of spraying will be number 19 to take place on the island of Bioko, and will begin in the first week of February. Because as the slogan says: "A life without malaria, is a better life."

Text and photo: Sarilusi Tarifa King (D. G. Base Internet). 
Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office.

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