Government Lucas Nguema Esono visits the National School of Semu after its restoration The Second Deputy Prime Minister for the Social Sector and Minister for Education and Science, accompanied by several directors of his department, inaugurated on January 7, the new National School of Semu, which has been completely renovated after a restoration that took six months.


The event began with a visit to the various classrooms and other areas of the school, which have been completely refurbished after the renovation. The Second Deputy Prime Minister, Lucas Nguema Esono, was received by the school's director, who showed him the result of the work and informed him on the other needs of the center. Later, the representative of the company in charge of the renovation spoke, providing all the details about the improvements made during the six months of work.

Finally, Lucas Nguema Esono spoke, congratulating the company and asked for the collaboration of the families and the parents' association, to ensure the good condition of the renovated property: "The Government is making a major financial effort to improve all the schools, but everyone has to help with their care and maintaining them and all the materials in the best condition."

The Minister gave the students some items and school supplies; computers, notebooks, pens, etc., and ended the event by insisting, to the school management, on the importance of taking good care of the school facilities. In this sense, they were informed that in three months a new visit would take place to check its maintenance.

Text and photos: Sarilusi Tarifa King (D. G. Base Internet).
Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office.

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