Sports The Women's Under-17 Nzalang lost 2-3 against Ghana It was not to be, the Under 17 women's national team said goodbye to their dream of reaching the World Cup Costa Rica 2014, after losing to the powerful Ghana by 2 goals to 3.


We knew it was very difficult after the 2-0 first leg result, but everyone harbored the hope that the Nzalang girls could carry out the feat of surpassing the Ghanaians, something that ultimately was not possible.

A sadness that should not tarnish the great result of the Under-17 Nzalang’s reaching the final round. The women's teams in all categories are doing an excellent job, and now we will have to support the Under-20 team, which is two qualifiers away from being classified for the World Cup Canada 2014.

Ghana deservedly qualified for reached the world cup competition, along with Nigeria, who qualified without playing due to the forfeit of Sudan. The third team that will represent Africa is still to be confirmed, and the result will come from the match between South Africa and Zambia, having tied at three goals in the first game.

Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office.

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