Sports The Women's Nzalang will go to the final after beating Cameroon 2-0 The goal has already been achieved: the Women's Nzalang will play the grand final next Sunday after winning last Wednesday against Cameroon's team, with goals from Chinasa and Ayonman, who is now the top scorer of the tournament.


The Women's Nzalang played in the beginning with Miriam, S. Adriana, Carolina, Ana Cristina, Nke, Mariana, Dorín, Camila, Ayonman, Jade and Chinasa. A team with maximum guarantees that has shown that they have fully assimilated the game style the coach Stephen Becker wants, and that has made ​​it to the finals, with the top scorer and the only team to still not have had a goal scored against them.

The match started with the Nzalang girls dominating the game and, from their first attack, made ​​it clear that they did not intend to lose this match. At six minutes there was a great play by Camilla and Jade, who went in from the sideline, crossing the center of the area. With a diving header, Chinasa, who beat Cameroon's defenses, scored the first goal of the match.

Equatorial Guinea had already achieved its first objective: to score first. From that moment on, the national team continued to dominate the ball and Cameroon awaited in their field, looking for the opportunity for a counterattack that never came, thanks to the good positioning of the Nzalang defense.

Then, Cameroon started looking for the tie, even getting a couple of corner kicks that did not create too much danger. The Cameroonians continued to push, but the Nzalang girls fought back in an orderly manner.

And when everyone expected to go into half-time with Chinasa's sole goal, a power play by Jade reached Ayonman, who with an unstoppable shot, managed to score the second goal of the night that would also make her the top goalscorer.

The second half started with great intensity by the Nzalang, and Cameroon began to play hard, first Adriana and then Jade were victims of two strong tackles, which may well have resulted with an expelled player. The Nzalang girls were not frightened by the Cameroonian harshness and fought as Spartans. Beginning with the captain Ayonman and ending with the last to join, Tiga, they put all their heart into it. This team has the character that their coach, Esteban Becker, has instilled in them and they die on the field fighting for their country, Equatorial Guinea, for whom they are already heroines.

Until the end of the match, Equatorial Guinea controlled the game, although the coach cleverly made three changes to be able to maintain control over it. At 66 minutes, Mariana left and Laetitia took her place; in minute 75, Tiga replaced Ana Cristina; and in minute 84 Chinasa left and Jumaria entered the field. The game ended without any new goals, and now the Nzalang prepares to play the final on Sunday.

In the second semifinal match, played on Wednesday in Bata's Nkoantoma Stadium, the South African team achieved a spot in the grand final after beating one of the favorites, Nigeria, 1-0. The South Africans were ahead on the scoreboard and set about defending their lead, while the Nigerians were unable to pierce the South African goal and will have to settle for playing for third or fourth place.

Now South Africa will have to face the Nzalang on November 11 in the New Stadium of Malabo, which will be packed to the rafters to see a team that has demonstrated being the best in all aspects of the game.

Text: Javier Hernandez.
Photos: Mansueto Loeri Bohohagasi, Clemente Ela Ondo Onguene (D. G. Base Internet).
Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office.

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