News Recent contributions to the study of Draft Law for Regulating the Elections The commission that meets in the House of People's Representatives of Malabo has added new provisions to the Draft Law Regulating the Elections, ahead of the elections for the Senate and the House of Representatives, and for the municipal elections that will be held soon. From now on, future senators, members of Parliament and councilors have to declare their assets before accessing their seats.


The commission, which met throughout last week in the House of the People's Representatives of Malabo, has gone ahead with the work to complement the Draft Law Regulating the Elections. In recent days various provisions have been discussed, such as those provided for the replacement of members in case of death or disability. hey also estimated various provisions for the Senate, which shall consist of 75 Senators. Of these, 15 are elected directly by the President of the Republic, which led to a discussion with the Mixed Group, which advocated that this number should be lower.

Furthermore, another of the new provisions accepted was that future senators, members of Parliament and councilors must declare their assets before acceding to their seats. That way, there will be a control of the possessions of each in order to prevent the performance of a post from becoming a lucrative activity or illicit enrichment.

The commission also studied all the documentation that both the applicants to these positions as well as the parties they represent must be presented in order to be on the ballot.

Among the measures accepted is also that the former presidents and vice presidents of the Republic become senators ex officio, with all the rights and privileges, provided they maintain their dignity.

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