Sports Interview with the Equatorial Guinean athletes in London Bibiana Martina Olama and Benjamin Manuel Enzema answered us in one of the dining rooms of Equatorial Guinea's use in the Olympic Village. The athletes complain that they are still not training with the official apparel due to a failure of the manufacturer, and are confident that by next Monday, the day of their debut, the problem will be fixed.


After several attempts to get inside the Olympic Village to interview our athletes, finally, the Organising Committee of the Olympics gave access to the special envoys of

Bibiana Martina Olama and her partner Benjamin Manuel Enzema talked with us pleasantly. They were resting after the morning training session. After greeting them, the athletes told us of some of their concerns, for example, that they were still not training with the official uniform due to a manufacturing problem made by the manufacturer, and that they expect the problem to be fixed by the day of their debut:

-How do things look for Monday, taking into account that all the people of Equatorial Guinea will be behind you?

-The Olympics, like any other competition is prepared for in advance; we have not had a very long preparation time. It is also more difficult to prepare at home than in a high performance center. But we will do everything possible to compete with dignity and give a good image of our country.

The athlete, Bibiana Martina Olama, six times international competitor, will compete on Monday at 10:05 h in the 100 meters with hurdles. At first she was going to compete in the heptathlon.

For his part, Benjamin Manuel Enzema, eight times international competitor, will fight in the 800 meter at 10:30 h, also on Monday.

According to their coach, Jose Moises Bodipo Minter, this Saturday the groups for the competition will be published.

Text and photos: David Monsuy Senior (Special Envoy London 2012).

Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office.

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