Sports Presentation of the Equatorial Guinean team at the London Olympic Games The delegation of our country is in the British capital since last Wednesday.


As soon as they set foot in London, the sport delegation of Equatorial Guinea for the Olympic Games of London 2012 -led by the Secretary of State in the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Ruslan Obiang Nsue- went  directly to the Olympic Village, located in a former industrial site in Stratford.

About 19:53 h, local time, our delegation made ​​its presentation at the podium of the square of the Olympic Village, next to those of Luxembourg, Togo, Austria and Slovenia. This ceremony, prior to the inauguration, was marked by music, dancing and a colorful environment.

During the ceremony, the mayor of the Olympic Village addressed the delegations to welcome them, and reminded them of the Olympic ideals: practice sports, promote friendship and the spirit of competition. Then, they raised the flag of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and of the countries in turn. The ceremony ended with the exchange of gifts among the organizing committee and the music accompanying the delegations.

The delegation of our country was led by the National Olympic Committee President, Manuel Sabino Asumu Kawan; our Ambassador in London, Mari Cruz Evuna Andeme, along with other representatives and two Equatorial Guinean athletes participating in this year's Olympic edition: Benjamin Ensema and Bibiana Martina.

The next event in which the team of Equatorial Guinea will be present is in the opening parade, and the presentation of a stand that will open in the exhibition center. Later, the start of the competitions of our athletes will be on August 6.

Equatorial Guinea, despite having a team of just two people, has expectations for Benjamin Manuel Ensema, who has improved his national record by over twelve seconds in the recent African Athletics Championship held in Porto Novo (Benin).

Text: David Monsuy Senior (special envoy to London; D. G. Base Internet).

Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office.

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