Sports Jade Boho taken out of the World Cup in Germany The FIFA has suspended the Equatorial Guinean player Jade Boho for a period of two months, a period that includes the current Womens World Cup held in Germany. The reason claimed by the international body is that she played in youth-level categories with Spain. "Jade Bohos suspension is temporary and its implementation is immediate," said the statement.


We had not overcome the shock of the false accusations against the Salimata and Biliguisa Simpore sisters, in which their gender was an issue in question, when other news shakes our women's soccer team. Now it is the player is born in Spain, Jade Boho, who has been involved in a bizarre bureaucratic maze and, therefore, FIFA has decided to implement rules and left her out of the World Cup in Germany.

"This suspension affects all types of matches, the local championship, the international exhibition and regular season, including all of the competitions organized by FIFA," said the International Federation of Football.

Everything stems from the Confederation of African Football (CAF), which has sanctioned Jade Boho with a two-month suspension, because she apparently played in the African Cup of Nations without filing the legal requirement to renounce the Spanish team. The strange thing is that the CAF is now requesting the extension of the FIFA's penalty worldwide.

In turn, the Spanish Football Federation said yesterday that half a month ago it sent to both the Guinean Federation and the FIFA, the document that acknowledges knowing that Jade will not play again with Spain.

Remember that Equatorial Guinea was denounced in the African Cup of Nations, among other selections by Cameroon, who missed the World Cup. Then they questioned the gender of the Simpore sisters. Now that Biliguisa and Salimata are not called to play, it is Jade's turn, three days until her debut, they gave her the news that she cannot play.

Today, Wednesday, Jade was going to fulfill her dream of playing her first Absolute World Cup with Equatorial Guinea, after winning in November 2010 runner-up in Africa, but on Sunday they gave her the horrible news. She will be replaced by number 8, Emiliana.

The national team of Equatorial Guinea plays for the first time on Wednesday in the town of Augsburg, in southern Germany, at a match of Group D, where they will face one of the most powerful teams in the Championship, Norway.

Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office.