Government Order extending Health State of Alarm The Prime Minister, Francisco Pascual Obama Asue, signed the Order dated 14th April, extending the validity of Decree number 4272020, of 31st march, declaring the Health State of Alarm. The entire contents are published below.


“Order of 14th April, extending the validity of Decree number 42/2020, of 31st march, declaring the Health State of Alarm and ordering measures for protection, containment and control of the new Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the Republic of Equatorial Guinea.

The Government, with the intention of creating a Constitutional Framework for the various measures it has been taking and for those it will take with regards to the Health Crisis caused by the spreading the Coronavirus that is afflicting the entire world, and with the clear signals and evidence that it is present in our country; through decree number 42/2020, of 31st march, declared a Health State of Emergency and issued measures for prevention, containment and control of this pandemic in our country.

Considering then, that the validity of that Decree was thirty days, with its expiry date on 15th April, a date on which new cases of contagion continue to arise, both local and imported; it is necessary to extend the validity of these measures within the terms of Article 2 of the aforementioned Decree, and the introduction of others that current circumstances require.

Considering thus that the evolution of events has provided us with greater experience in the fight against this pandemic; it is thus necessary to extend the measures contained in Decree 42/2020, in accordance with the contents of its first additional provision.

In view of the above, and through this Order, in accordance with the powers granted to me under article 23e of the Law on Legal Procedure of the General State Administration, I order:

Article 1.- Thee validity of Decree number 42/2020, of 31st march, declaring the Health State of Alarm and ordering measures for protection, containment and control of the new Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the Republic of Equatorial Guinea is extended for a period of 15 days.

Article 2.1.- Until 30th April, of the circulation of vehicles and persons between districts. In other words, all districts in the Continental Region are being placed in quarantine, prohibiting the circulation or flow of persons or vehicles from one district to another is suspended.

2.2.- Exceptions to this prohibition include ambulances, fire-fighting appliances, vehicles from the company Segesa, Getesa, National Security, the Ministry for Defence and waste collection vehicles. For the circulation of vehicles from companies transporting materials to supply infrastructure works and services, they will have to apply for authorisation from the Prime Minister who, after agreement, will instruct the Director General for Traffic to issue the permission; in any event those vehicles may not carry personnel on board.

Article 3.- The Ministry for Agriculture, Livestock, Forests and the Environment will be responsible for organising, together with essential food production groups and individuals, transport for these and persons who sell them, via trucks, from the various points on the island to the city of Malabo in order to supply the markets.

Article 4.1.- The complete isolation of all people is ordered, so that going out into the street is completely prohibited, except in situations of urgent need or force majeure, such as going to the health centre, market or pharmacy, and to work, in which case they must wear face masks and gloves at all times, and carry credentials issued by the President of Neighbourhood Community authorising the movement, which will be issued free of charge.

4.2.- All companies are urged to provide their employees with accreditations justifying their exit and entry in order to attend their jobs.

4.3.- The company SEGESA is ordered not to cut off power to its customers during the period the Order is in force, as no citizen may go to pay their electricity bill.

Article 5.1.- During this period of 15 days all businesses, stores and factories will remain closed, except for supermarkets, markets exclusively selling food, grocers, laundries or pressing services, pharmacies and clinics.

5.2.- Exempt from this prohibition are stores selling building materials, electronic and mechanical spare parts, such as for vehicles, etc.; thus the stores of Cuatro, Ryesa, Fifti Fifti, Ventage de los Cocoteros, Ventage de Km 5 and Cerámico will remain open.

5.3.- Likewise all bars and restaurants will remain closed, with food only being available through home delivery.

Article 6.- Any cargo aircraft arriving in Malabo, in accordance with Decree 42/2020, if its pilots have to leave the plane then they will be subject to the specific testing to rule them out as carriers of the Coronavirus.

Article 7.- For vessels between Douala and Malabo transporting goods, food and supplies, their crews will under no circumstances be able to leave the vessel.

Article 8.- Clinics are obliged to transfer to the designated hospitals in the country any patients showing signs of fever, cough and difficulty in breathing, in accordance with instructions from the technical Committee.

Article 9.- Members of the Armed Forces and State Security, under instructions from their superiors, will oversee strict compliance with the provisions of this order.

Additional Provisions

One. The Ministry for Health and Social Welfare, Ministry for the Interior and Local Corporations, Ministry for National Security, Ministry for Civil Aviation, Ministry for Culture, Tourism and Craft Promotion and Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, are empowered to take all the necessary measures and provisions necessary in order to successfully apply this communiqué.

Two.- The Response and Vigilance Technical Committee for the New COVID-19 Coronavirus, led by the Minister for the Interior and Local Corporations, assisted by the Deputy Director General for National Security, the Governors and the Government Delegates, are empowered to oversee strict compliance with the provisions of this communiqué during its enforcement in the crisis period.

Repeal Provision

Any provisions of equal or inferior scope which oppose that set out in this Order are repealed.

Final Provision

This Law will come into force tomorrow, 15th of this month, without prejudice to its extension in the National Media and in the Official State Bulletin.

Issued in Malabo, on the 14th day of the month of April, 2020.

For a Better Guinea

The Prime Minister of the Government.

Francisco Pascual Obama Asue".

Text: Clemente Ela Ondo Onguene (DGPWIGE)
Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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