Government Equatorial Guinea extends COVID-19 containment measures On Monday 30th march Equatorial Guinea extended its measures against COVID-19 in the districts of the continental region of the country, at a government meeting overseen by the Vice-President of the Republic.


The decision to adopt new measures arose after the recording of an alarming number of cases in the countries bordering Equatorial Guinea, which has already confirmed fourteen cases of Coronavirus, with four of them local. Within this context, H. E. Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue once again called together members of the Government on the Policy Committee, with the aim of strengthening containment measures against COVID-19 in the country.

“With the current increase in positive cases within national territory, I have seen the need to call this meeting to add further preventive measures, in addition to those already decreed in the country", said the Vice-President of the Equatorial Guinea, H. E. Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue, when addressing the auditorium.

The Vice-President of the Republic, in his desire to watch over the health of Equatoguineans, proposed various measures to the members of the Government. These featured the isolation in 72 hours of all districts in the continental region for a period of 14 days, which could be extended, as this was the most vulnerable region at this time.

The head of Defence and Security also proposed looking at the possibility of reducing the prices for electricity and fuel, as a way of helping the people during their period of confinement. Also proposed was the supply of essential and health products for the islands of Annobon and Corisco.

Nguema Obiang Mangue also urged chiefs at the Ministry for Trade to oversee the pricing of essential products, in order to prevent excessive price increases.

“The greatest risk is in the Continental Region", admitted the Prime Minister of the Government, Francisco Pascual Obama Asue, to the press, "because in the Continental Region there have been cases of local infection. The cases which have appeared in Malabo have been cases of imported infection; people who came from abroad, but in Bata, due to negligence, the virus has been passed on to more people. We are looking for the focal points where these people arrived, or the districts where they may have visited, in order to surround these areas so that the spread of the virus cannot continue", added the head of administrative coordination in the country.

In the next few hours Equatorial Guinea will publish the extension of the measures, indicating that on all borders in the continental region, borders with neighbouring countries (Rio Campo, Mocomiseng, Ebebiying) there will be strict vigilance, because people regularly enter the border areas of the Continental Region of the country.

Since the pandemic began, the Government of Equatorial Guinea has adopted various containment measures, which have been praised by various countries and international organisations.

Thanks to the speedy reaction by the Government and the capabilities of health personnel, during the next 48 hours a first patient may be discharged, thanks to their clinical progress.

On Monday 30th march, Africa surpassed 4,800 contagions in 47 countries, and has recorded at least 154 deaths due to Coronavirus. These alarming figures are forcing African governments to respond with more rigid measures against COVID-19.

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