Government The National Security Ministry reinforces its activities, in view of the Summit of the African Union For the purpose of ensuring perfect security during the events that will take place in the upcoming months in the country --the Summit of the African Union and the African Cup of Nations-- the National Security Ministry has reinforced the presence of police surveillance. We hereby publish the Official Communiqué from the Ministry of National Security in which this reinforcement is explained.


Reinforcing the surveillance in order to ensure perfect security before, during and after the important events that are going to be held in Equatorial Guinea in the next few months: this is the current objective of the Ministry of National Security, which, like the rest of the governmental institutions, is increasing its efforts in order for these events to turn out perfectly.

For this reason, and despite the insinuations made in some information issued in other countries, the citizens of Malabo can see in the streets the presence of a greater number of policemen and security measures, as would occur in any nation that prepares for events of world importance.

In order to report on this reinforcement of surveillance, the National Security Ministry has issued a communiqué signed by the Minister, Nicolás Obam Nchama, with the following text:

“For the purpose of guaranteeing the success of the great events to be held soon in our country, namely: the Summit of Heads of State of the African Union and the African Soccer Cup of Nations, the Ministry of National Security, within its competences, communicates to the entire population that it is adopting several security measures, such as the massive presence of the members of the Security Corps throughout the city, as the visible part of these measures.”

“In this regard, the Ministry of National Security urges the entire population to support and collaborate with the police service, taking into account that the National Security affects not only the police, but all the people residing in the country, whether they are foreigners or natives.”

“This police presence in the streets and districts of our cities is due only and exclusively to the need to inhibit delinquency, on the threshold of these international events. Also to carry out operations of surveillance and dissuasion in order to try to break up possible bands of organized crime that usually take advantage of this type of events in order to act and also in order to create a feeling of safety in the people”.

“The commitment of the Government of our country for PEACE must be patent before, during and after these events; and the Ministry of National Security will spare no efforts to ensure that this is so”.

Signed: Nicolás Obama Nchama. Minister of National Security.

Source: Ministry of National Security

Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office.