Sports Worthy victory of the Nzalang Nacional against the Gambian team The national team trained by Henri Michel has once again prevailed with a final result of 1-0 in another friendly match against the Escorpiones of Gambia. The match took place in the Malabo Soccer Stadium.


The National Soccer team of Equatorial Guinea seems to be recovering from the crisis suffered during recent months since the arrival of the French coach, Henri Michel, at the beginning of 2011. 

This Tuesday, the Nzalang Nacional team played another friendly match, on this occasion, against Los Escorpiones of Gambia. The result ended in their favor of the Equatorial Guinean team, with a goal scored in the 49th minute by number 21, Thierry Figue, thanks to the pass by centerfielder Iván Zarandona. 

In spite of the victory, during the first part, the Equatorial Guinean team did not play really well: Henri Michel’s boys lacked some readiness and determination, which is why the work of the forwards was not shown completely. 

But in the second half, just as in the game against Chad, Henri Michel –popularly known as The Sorcerer of African Soccer- used his personal techniques and made changes in the team: Eric Batinga, Iván Zarandona, Samuel Itondo, and Tierry Figue were substituted and Juanito Ndong, Iban Iyanga, and Mbome also played. 

From this moment, the national team was completely transformed: the occasions for danger became frequent; the control of the game, both in individual and collective actions was emphasized and the fans became enthusiastic. However, the visitors trained by the Belgian Paul Rut knew how to defend themselves with an impeccable counterattack. 

With these two victories, Equatorial Guinea has improved considerably its position in the world ranking, going from 167 to 148. 

Text: David Monsuy Senior.

Photos: Mansueto Loeri.

Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office (D.G. Base Internet).