Government Meeting between the Government and the Agencies of the United Nations System in Bata The Secretary of State for International Cooperation, Victoriana Nchama Nsue Okomo, presided last over the meeting to review the medium-term works of the United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) 2008-2012, between the Equatorial Guinean government and the United Nations. The meeting took place in the regional delegation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bata.


The event began with the speech of the Resident Coordinator of the Agencies of the United Nations in Equatorial Guinea, Leo Heileman, who represented of the Secretary General of the UN. Present on behalf of the Equatorial Guinean Government were the governor of the province of Litoral, Enrique Mesian Abaga, the mayor of Bata, Constantino Ekong Nsue, and the inspector general of the Armed Forces, Cándido Nkua Engono.

The coordinator first congratulated the Equatorial Guinean Government on its initiative of making a building available to the agencies of the United Nations accredited in our country, which highlights its commitment in supporting the reforms of this world institution.

Regarding the meeting’s objective, Heileman said: “During the two days ahead of us, we should design an action framework, now that it has been three years since the start of the plan. The possible achievements obtained will be analyzed, the lessons learned, the resources obtained and we will see how to introduce the necessary corrections to obtain the objectives proposed”.

“The meeting will also allow the establishing agreements as a road map for the elaboration of the next UNDAF 2013-2017”, continued the resident coordinator of the Agencies of the United Nations. In his speech he recognized that under the Government’s leadership, the United Nations reform has registered significant advances, such as the signing of action plans on the programs of the technical agencies located in the country and the achievements obtained in the different areas in the framework of the execution of the UNDAF development plan.

On her part, the Secretary of State for International Cooperation, Nchama Nsue Okomo, stated that the program cycle 2008-2012 will permit the parties to better know the activities carried out in relation to the common program designed between the Government of Equatorial Guinea and the Agencies of the United Nations located in our country, as well as reaching the pertinent conclusions on each sector and the corresponding recommendations that will permit the improvement of future activities.

Recognizing that the programs and projects of the social sector require economic, material and especially human resources for their creation, he urged everyone to dedicate their efforts to obtaining these resources. Victoriana Nchama reminded everyone that at the start of this 2008-2012 program, the Governor committed himself to making the necessary resources available in order to facilitate the execution process of the programs and projects, the reason why the construction of a modern seven-story building in Malabo was carried out, which will soon be presented to the UN Agencies.

The program elaborated includes the presentation of the general summary of the medium term evaluation of the UNDAF, which is run by auditor Michael Askwith; arguments and conclusions; the round table regarding the aspects of cooperation; the plenary session; a brief presentation of the group works; the round table about the functioning aspects of cooperation; recommendations and a road map for the next UNDAF.

Text: María Jesús Nsang Nguema.

Photo: Archive.

Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office (D.G. Base Internet).