Sports Third day of the Professional League After the end of the third day of the professional league in Equatorial Guinea, the Sony of Ela Nguema remains undefeated while the goal crisis persists in Malabo.


After the matches that took place in Malabo, the day ended with the victory of the Ela Nguema against the Vegetarianos Soccer Club. The Sony team inaugurated the scoreboard in the 8th minute of the first half, after the play of Santiago Ela in a simple individual play that occurred in the large area of the Vegetarianos. With this result, they went into half-time.

In the second half, just as the match began, Armengol Leopoldo Edu, of the Vegetarianos, was expulsed for double warning. However, this team, which was depressed at the start of the match, made changes to fix the situation; these substitutions did not avoid after 23 minutes their reaching 2-0. The goal was scored by Valentín Emeka, who has become the season’s high-scorer, with two goals in three matches. Emeka took the opportunity of the decompression of the opponent’s defense and with a right kick surprised goalkeeper Emmanuel Simpaore. The Vegetarianos, with one man less, knew how to dominate the equation and their determination gave fruit in the 33rd minute, when the scoreboard changed to 2-1, thanks to Jacinto Bokung. The tension increased on both parts, since one wanted to tie and the others defended their goal like lions. Finally, the direction of the game was taken by the Sony, who managed to maintain the scoreboard in their favor.

With this score, the Sony of Ela Nguema, prematurely eliminated in the Champion’s League, remains leader of the Professional League, with 9 points, followed by the Nzog-Nzomo, with 5 points, and by the Deportivo de Mongomo, also with 5.

In Bata, the second day was being played, while in Malabo it was the third. The attendance of the public to the stadiums is superior, especially, in Malabo, where the matches are played in the centric La Paz Stadium; the attendance of so many fans proves that the Professional League is recovering the fans it lost five seasons ago.

These were the scores:

In Malabo, the match of the Atlético of Malabo with the Deportivo Unidad was postponed for technical reasons.

The match between The Panther and Atlético Semu ended with a result of 0-1.

The Sony of Ela Nguema against the Vegetarianos, resulting in 2-1, as we have said.

And in Bata, the Academia Deportiva Mesi Nkulu of Ebibeyin against the Dragons Fútbol Club of Bata, ended with a tie of 2.

The Nzog- Nzomo against the Águilas de Guadalupe also ended with a tie of 2-2.

The Deportivo de Mongomo against the Robella Inter, ended with a tie of 1.

Text: David Monsuy Senior

Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office (D.G. Base Internet).