Sports The Deportivo Mongomo, eliminated from the African Champions League by the Aspac of Benin The Equatorial Guinean representative in the African Champions League, the Deportivo Mongomo, was eliminated this Sunday in its match against the Aspac of Benin, which was played in the Malabo stadium. The result of a tie at one goal against the Aspac of Benin was not enough for its final qualification.


With this defeat, all the representatives of Equatorial Guinea in this year’s inter-African 2011 competitions have been eliminated by their respective rivals. The Sony Ela Nguema also said goodbye to the African Cup of Clubs last Saturday against the Fulla Ediffice of Chad, in spite of the 1-0 result in its favor, which however was insufficient to pass to the next phase.

This Sunday, February 13, the disgrace spread to the Deportivo Mongomo, which was also unable to pass the phase in spite of the final result of a tie at one goal. The green-white team of Wele-Nzas took over the match and many times organized the game better and had several occasions to change the score in its favor. However, the final result was a tie that did not serve it to continue in the competition.

The Deportivo scored first thanks to Junior with a head shot which he received at the front of the Aspac area. With this result, the team went to half-time.

The second half continued with more opportunities, although the tie occurred unexpectedly from a foul that number 6 from Chad, Desagate, transformed from the left superior vertex of the large area. The match ended this way; a match whose initial expectations were in favor of the local team and that could not be resolved with success, despite the fact that the Deportivo Mongomo is the senior team in this competition, an inter-African event at which its has been absent for six years.

Text: David Monsuy Senior

Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office (D.G. de Base Internet).