Government Response of the Equatorial Guinean Government to the criticism of the election of H.E. Obiang Nguema as the new President of the AU After the deplorable criticism from different media and institutions, as always from the West, regarding the completely democratic and non-controversial election of President Obiang Nguema Mbasogo as the new President of the African Union, we publish the answer issues by the Government, through its Minister Spokesman, Jerónimo Osa Osa Ecoro


Answer of the Equatorial Guinean Government to the criticism by some media and organizations towards the Head of State, Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, new President of the African Union:

From the Government of Equatorial Guinea we once again answer all those organizations and media that have taken the opportunity, as is usual in recent years, of the appointment of H.E., the Head of State, Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, as the new rotating President of the African Union, to throw criticism regarding the matter and to publicize themselves at the expense of this news. We especially refer to those who have made new declarations against our President and have written with the sense that this election distorts the African Union’s democratic image, and therefore, that of the African continent.

To all of them the Government of Equatorial Guinea wishes to state the following:

1.     It is completely evident that these opinions are once again positioned from the arrogance of feeling superior to the common and democratic decision of the great majority of representatives of the African continent, and once again shows the great cultural ignorance with which the Western world and institutions (with or without presence in Africa) still treat the African world. Keeping the African spirit safe from all these pre-colonial attempts is, precisely, one of the main objectives of our President in his new temporary role in the African Union, as he himself declared in his investiture speech.

2.     The election of President Obiang was democratically agreed upon by the Heads of State of the African Union, proposed by the regional block of Central Africa, and whose turn it was, by strict order, to preside over the organization. The election was of the majority and was totally lacking any type of controversy except –we insist- that created in the western world. This also makes us think about the external interferences from the West, in the wishes to destabilize our continent when there are common and peaceful decisions such as this one, and about how little certain lobbies like it that Africa is able to advance jointly in democracy and peace.

3.      The publicity exploitation of our President’s name, for the sole and exclusive benefit of those who take advantage of his news to appear in the media, along with certain unmentionable interests whose objective is the richness of our Country, are the true motives, not others, of the continuous criticism that our President and our Government have suffered since the very moment oil was discovered in Equatorial Guinea, which was an impoverished place, forgotten by all these NGOs and media until then. Another reason for this continuous criticism is the fact that President Obiang Nguema Mbasogo has never given in to the wishes and interests from the West, and has led his country from poverty to wealth and development, with only our State’s means.

4.      President Obiang Nguema Mbasogo is not only a beloved leader in his country, Equatorial Guinea, a country that has gone from being one of the poorest in the world to one of the States with the highest economic and social development on the planet, thanks to his leadership. The President’s work is also especially acknowledged and valued in the Central African countries and in the heart of the states of the CEMAC, whose reforms he is the main architect. The relations with the rest of the countries in the continent can be considered, in general, as excellent, with constant exchanges of encounters and official trips. Proof of this is the support that President Obiang Nguema Mbasogo received from all the African countries and other areas in the world regarding the controversy that some Western groups created about the issue of the UNESCO Prize.

  5.      Those who keep insisting on our country’s poverty, simply still do not wish to acknowledge a reality that has been sufficiently proved in many ways: the incredible economic development that Equatorial Guinea is currently experiencing. The exact same thing occurs in the area of human rights, where no one acknowledges the enormous steps that are being taken in the country, starting by the democratization that the President was first to implant. Equatorial Guinea is, presently, a country that lives an atmosphere of stability and peace, with many less problems of war, unemployment or delinquency that could be found in many states from which all these criticisms originate.

 All these controversies remind us, therefore, that the Western media and institutions still disrespect the true decisions of the African continent. 


Jerónimo Osa Osa Ecoro

Minister Spokesman of the Government of Equatorial Guinea