Sports A traffic accident ends the life of the soccer player, Tecla Bile Equatorial Guinea woke yesterday morning saddened by the news of the death of the National Team player, Tecla Bile. Along with her died the Technical Director of the Mongomo Sports Club, Pablo Boyas, and a brother of the soccer player who accompanied them.


Equatorial Guineawoke yesterday morning with the distressing news of the death in a traffic accident of the national team player Tecla Bile. Along with her were travelling the Technical Director of the Mongomo Sports Club, Pablo Boyas, and a brother of the soccer player, who also died  The details of the true cause of the accident are still unknown; the accident took place in Yaundé, where the Nzalang player lived.

The news was communicated to the media by the Department of Youth and Sports, sourced from the information received from the Equatorial Guinean Embassy in Yaundé.

According to Antonio Pancho Milam, Assistant Coach of the Deportivo Mongo, and friend of Pablo Boyas, the deceased had gone to Cameroon to look for spare car parts. Once in the city where Tecla Bile resided, they decided to leave along with her brother. It seems that the accident occurred near the small city of Edea, and all three died in the accident, although no more details are known at the moment.

In upcoming hours, the mortal remains of the soccer player and Pablo Boyas will arrive in Bata. A high delegation made up by different members of sports institutions will leave from Malabo to attend the funerals.

Tecla Bile occupied the position of defense in the Nzalang and wore number 17. Last October, along with the rest of their team, she was vice-champion in the African Cup played in South Africa. Tecla was already preparing for the World Cup in Germany 2011. This Friday, the Equatorial Guinean television will organize special programs in her honor.

Text: David Monsuy Senior

Photos: Clemente Ela Ondo Onguene

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