Government Prime Minister meets Digital Terrestrial Television Transition Committee On Tuesday 10th July, the Prime Minister of the Government, Charged with Administrative Coordination, Francisco Pascual Obama Asue, met the Digital Terrestrial Television National Transition Committee at the Presidency of the Government in Malabo II. The aim of the meeting was to cover matters relating to the migration process project from national analogue television to digital television.


Obama Asue asked those present to report on the degree of compliance with the presidential mandate arising through irregularities encountered with the contracted company, Wayang Teknical, in both the procedures and in the execution of work. This produced the suspension of the work by the mandate signed by the Head of State, H. E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, pending the results of the report drawn up by an external auditor.

Eucario Bacale Angüe, Minister for Transport, the Postal Service and Telecommunications, in his capacity as president of the commission, confirmed the status of suspension of the TDT migration work, and the start of a tender process for the technical supervision of the work to install a TDT network; a process which will establish a convention with an auditing company, who will assume the production of a technical report outlining progress in the execution of the project to date, in order to avoid a double investment by the Government, in the event that the suspension of the contract with Wayang Teknical is not withdrawn.

To that end, Bacale Angüe suggested that it be the company Wayang Teknical that continues with the execution of the work, but under the supervision of an auditing company, in order to certify the correct execution of the work, as according to Wayang Teknical, 70% of the work is done. This figure is yet to be confirmed on the ground via an external audit.

The migration project to digital terrestrial television began in March 2015, taking into account the challenges and milestones imposed by he International Telecommunications Union in relation to digital television, including the oncoming global analogical shut-down, which will be the end of the analogical era.

Text: Clemente Ela Ondo Onguene (DGPWIGE)
Photos: Julián Engonga Nchama (Prime Minister's Press Office)
Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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