Head of State The Presidency of the Republic promotes members of the Armed Forces and of the State Security On the past weekend, the Presidency of the Republic sanctioned Decree No. 84/2010 dated 9 October which brought about the promotions in the employment of General Officers for members of the armed forces.


In honor of the commemoration of the 42nd anniversary of its independence, the President of the Republic, H.E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo brought about the promotion of members of the Armed Forces and State Security.

According to Article 39 Section g) of the Fundamental Law, which grants the Head of State the power to promote the General Officers of the Armed Forces and State Security, the following members of the armed forces have been named:

1. Army


Lieutenant General,  Melanio Ebendeng Nsomo

Antonio Mba Nguema

Lieutenant General

Major General, Antonio Obama Ndong

Santiago Mauro Nguema 

Major General

Brigadier General, Protasio Edu Edjang

Juvenal Mbomio Nsue

Eustaquio Nseng Esono

Luís Engono Oyana

Brigadier General

José Nsue Mba Nfono

Cándido Ncogo Engono

Alejandro Mitogo Nñegono

Daniel Ncogo Ncogo

Alfonso Nguema Ondo

Benito Alogo Asumu

2. Navy


Vice Admiral, Inocencio Ncomo Ondo

Commodore, Roberto Mba Ndong

Vicente Eya Olomo

Joaquín Ndong Nve

Desgracias Nguema Nve

Capitan, Francisco Javier Nzo Mba

3. Air Force

Air Vice Marshall

Air Commodore, Florencio Monsuy Mba

Luciano Esono Bitegue

Colonel Francisco Asumu Obama

Fausto Abesó Fuma

Justo Salomón Riquesa

National Police

Lieutenant General

Armengol Ondo Nguema

Major General

Manuel Nguema Mba

Francisco Edu Ngua

Isidoro Eyi Monsuy 

Brigadier General

Colonel, Pedro Ondo Obiang

Jesús Ngomo Nvono

Vicente Mba Asumu

Manuel Ebang Nguema

Eduardo Minang Ezema

Juan Ndong Nguema.

National Gendarmerie

Brigadier General

Colonel, Cayo Ondo Mba Angue.

The remainder of the appointments can be consulted in the attached document.

Text: Clemente Ela Ondo.

Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office (D.G. Base Internet).