Government The Minister of Mines, Industry and Energy leads the panel of Energy Cooperation of the South Korea Africa Economic Cooperation Conference (KOAFEC) On September 14-17, 2010, a delegation of the Ministry of Mines, Industries and Energy (MMIE) traveled to Seoul (South Korea) to participate in the second edition of the KOAFEC, a meeting forum of the African States with South Korea in which matters related to the implementation of development and cooperation strategies beneficial to both parties are discussed.


The second edition of the KOAFEC Conference had the theme “Rising Africa - Together with Korea” and during its meetings matters related to infrastructure development, promotion of small and medium enterprises and energy security.

 In the course of the conference, a panel discussion was also organized under the theme “Energy Cooperation in the Global Setting”, which was led, at the invitation of the KOAFEC organizers, by Equatorial Guinea. Specifically, it was the Presidential Adviser in Subjects of Mines and Hydrocarbons, Domingo Mba Esono who, in representation of the Minister Marcelino Owono Edu explained to the conference participants the guidelines of Equatorial Guinea’s energy policy.

 “Equatorial Guinea considers that the lack of energy should not be a handicap for the growth of a nation”, stated Mba Esono, who also declared that “the lack of technology must not be become an obstacle to the development aspirations of a community.”

 In this sense, the Presidential adviser in Subjects of Mines and Hydrocarbons explained to the audience the rational exploitation policy of the hydrocarbons of Equatorial Guinea and the steps to follow by the Equatoguinean State in the contribution to world energy security by means of involvement in organizations such as the Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GEFC) or the African Petroleum Producers’ Association (APPA).

 Mba Esono also transmitted to the South Korean enterprises the invitation of the President of the Nation, H.E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, to invest in Equatorial Guinea, highlighting that the desire of the Equatoguinean Government is to have closer ties with South Korea. An objective that would facilitate the ambitious program of the President and the Government of Equatorial Guinea to become an emerging economy in the Horizon 2020.

 Source: Press Office of the MMIE.

 Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office.

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