The “Nzalang” national team eliminated in the second match
The Equatoguinean public bays for blood of the coach Casto Nopo after the resounding defeat suffered by the national team in losing to Chad by 3-0 in the stadium Alphonse Masamba Debat of Brazzaville, in their second match of the CEMAC Cup.


The defeat suffered by the Equatoguinean national team can be classified as an authentic “absurdity”, when it lost 3-0 to Chad in the match played last Sunday in the stadium Alphonse Massamba Debat of Brazzaville, scenario of the seventh edition of the soccer CEMAC (Central Africa Economic and Monetary Community) Cup.

 The heavy defeat began in the first half of the game with the goal by number 12 of Chad, Salim, which was added to the double made by his teammate Adum. Therefore, before the halftime the possibilities were lean for the Equatoguinean combined team.

 In the second half, the team tried to improve the situation, with the reinforcement of the middle line, as well as with the entrance to the field of forward Valentín Eyama who, although he did not score, created occasions that slowed down the pressure of the rival team, which in the first half already demonstrated their power before the goal area of Achil Pensi. These small adjustments were the only innovation recorded on the side of the team coached by Casto Nopo. In this way, with the result of 3-0 the match was sentenced.

 The defeat showed the poor performance of the “Nzalang” national team, in addition to the nil creation of spaces, the inexistent media and an endless number of errors occasioned by the coaching team. With this second defeat, the Equatorial Guinean team was eliminated, since it also lost the first match by 1-0 against Congo, the host team. With the sum of both games, the resulting statistic is zero points, zero goals made, four goals put past them, which seems incredible for a team that was losing finalist of the last edition, although unfortunately, it is completely true.

 Activity of the team trainers

 Casto Nopo has been the national team assistant manager during the last seven years. He has worked with the Brazilian Antonio Dumas, with Jordan Defreitas, also Brazilian, with Vicente Engonga, Spanish-Guinean, and also with Lobo Diarte, although it doesn’t seem that he learned anything. In more than three seasons with the team The Panther, he has not won anything, no leagues, no cups… In May he lost with the Sub-20 of Gabon by 0-3, in Malabo, and in Moanda he was eliminated. With this track record, what more can be expected from Casto Nopo, the only Guinean manager that has worked with so many trainers?

 David Ekang, the assistant to the coach, was battered in May of this year with the Sub-17 national team. He also lost in the match against Congo by 1-0 in the away game and 0-3 in the home game. His team, the Vegetarianos F.C., which have played for three seasons in the First Division, did not even get above fifth place in the league, and did not reach the final phase of the Cup.

 Therefore, while indignation of the soccer fan public increases in Equatorial Guinea, we await the decision that the FEGUIFUT makes, and the Ministry that supports this sport.


Text and photos: David Monsuy Senior.

 Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office (D.G. Base Internet)

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