May 26 is the date for the general elections
Following the meeting between the Minister of the Internal Affairs and Local Corporations, Clemente Engonga Nguema, and the representatives of the political parties officially established in the country, it was agreed that May 26 would be the date for the next elections for the Senate (newly created), the House of People's Representatives, and the different municipalities of the country.


The First Deputy Prime Minister for the Political Sector and Democracy and Minister of Internal Affairs and Local Corporations, Clemente Engonga Nguema Onguene, has appeared on state television and transmitted by telephone to that the forthcoming elections for the Parliament and the Senate, as well as those of the municipalities, will take place jointly on May 26.

The date was agreed upon following a meeting between the representatives of all political parties officially recognized in the country: Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea (PDGE), Popular Union (UP), Liberal Democratic Convention (CLD), Social Democratic Party (PSD), Progressive Democratic Alliance (ADP), Social Democratic Union (UDS), Social Democratic Coalition Party (PCSD), Convergence for Social Democracy (CPDS), Popular Action of Equatorial Guinea (APGE), National Democratic Union (UDENA), Socialist Party of Equatorial Guinea (PSGE) and Liberal Party (PL).

This meeting occurs precisely after the one held on January 17 between the representatives of the parties and the Head of State, during which he stated the need for the elections be held after the Africa-South America Summit (ASA), which will be held during the month of February.

These will be the first elections for the Senate to be held after the creation of this new institution, established in the Constitutional Reform received an affirmative vote on November 13, 2011.

Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office.

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