First and historical flight of Ceiba Intercontinental from Malabo to Madrid
As expected, the first intercontinental flight of the Equatorial Guinean company, Ceiba, arrived in the capital of Spain in the early afternoon. This way, the transcontinental routes of the national airline of Equatorial Guinea were inaugurated, which continues with its domestic and international expansion.


This historic first flight departed from the city of Malabo around eleven in the morning, local time, with total punctuality. Among the personalities comprising the first passengers of the new route were the Delegate Minister in charge of Civil Aviation, Fausto Abeso and the Minister of Information, Press and Radio, Agustin Nze Nfumu, along with the Director of  Ceiba, Santiago Nsobeya, and a large group of journalists, company professionals, etc.

At the Malabo airport, the Minister of Aviation, before departing, gave ​​an emotional speech in whichhe described the event of "flying to Madrid from Malabo, on board an aircraft of this type and owned by Equatorial Guinea", as "a dream come true".

Upon the arrival of the flight to the Spanish capital, another opening ceremony took place at Terminal 4 of the Madrid-Barajas Airport. This event was also attended by the airport Director, Miguel Angel Oleaga and the Ambassador of Equatorial Guinea in Spain, Narciso Ntugu Abeso. The Equatorial Guinean Ambassador thanked Iberia and the Civil Aviation of Spain for their cooperation in the opening of this new line.

The Delegate Minister of Transportation and Civil Aviation, Fausto Abeso, not only expressed his gratitude to all the institutions that have collaborated in this project, but also requested help and support to continue learning and to solve any problems that may arise.

The new Madrid-Malabo route will have three flights a week, which will also carry an ample volume of cargo. In fact, it is expected that it will transport about 150,000 kilos of merchandise a year.

On June 4, the official presentation of the Boeing 777 that will cover this route took place, with the presence of the Head of State, H.E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo. The President, in his speech on that occasion, recalled the importance of the national airline Ceiba providing transcontinental flights with competitive characteristics, which could help to improve air transportation prices, which is very necessary and increasingly more pressing at the time of economic expansion that Equatorial Guinea is currently experiencing.

Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office.

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