University students of Equatorial Guinea in Russia, an example of patriotism
A group of Equatorial Guinean students live together as a family in the remote Russian city of Rostov, where they study different university courses. This group of college students -14 boys and 4 girls- are not only concerned with their studies but also meet regularly to forge bonds of friendship and help each other. From distant Russia, they want to congratulate the President of the Republic and all of Equatorial Guinea on this special date.


It is always gratifying to find abroad a group of compatriots who keep their country in their hearts, but in the case of these young students living in Rostov (Russia), it is a double source of pride because they are young people preparing themselves intellectually to further ennoble their country. Equatorial Guinea is present in their conversations and on the horizon of their dreams.

The group has recently made a video and has taken a picture together to remember their stay in Russia.

The students and the courses they take, and that we highlight today on our website, are the following:

-       Demetrio Ela Edu: Mineralogy Engineering.

-       Diosdado Bengomo Mbanchama: Political Science.

-       Juan Pedro Akieme Ngomo Nchama: Marketing.

-       Reginaldo Asu Ndong: Construction Engineering.

-       Antimo Rafael Mba Oyono: Political Science.

-       Damian Olama: Global Economy.

-       Isaías Motu: Pedagogy.

-       Justo Mba Sima: Law.

-       José Raúl Nguema Ndong: Economy.

-       Lucrecia Angue Bitegue: International Relations.

-       Restituta Mikue Ndong Miaga: Tourism.

-       Julián Mbomio Edjang: Economy.

-      Santiago Mba: Electro-mechanical and Electro-technical Engineering.

-       Lucrecia Fátima Nchama Edu Eyang: Economy.

-       Mary Paz Ncogo Nsegue: International Relations.

-       Almiraldo Pergentino Esono Ndong: Economy and Company Management.

-       Luis Mitogo Nguema Mikue Miaga: Finances and Credits.

-       Buenaventura Mba: Law.

But instead, let them express themselves:

-"We feel like brothers and sisters, both grantees and non grantees, without differences. The truth is that it is exciting to get together; we make up a group of great people, where there is no individuality. We are so organized that when we encounter any kind of problem, we have a manager who is in charge of solving it. We have a representative of "academic issues" called among us the "president" and a corresponding vice president. We also have several in people in charge depending on the functionality, here called ministers, such as the minister of sport, of technology, of social issues, of communication... and coordinators of ceremonies in case of any event."

- "We meet almost every weekend in different residences since we do not all live together. We have four residences RINX, DGTU, RGSU and RGU, and that's where we go to discuss, solve the problems the group faces, have fun, organize activities, in short, everything that makes up a big family in harmony."
"We are very proud of our country, our President, Ambassador and, thanks to the PDGE, we are happy here, we support each other, although, at times, some may encounter problems, that does not sink us , but on the contrary, it unites and strengthens us even more."

Finally, the group concludes by recalling:

- "Our main objective is the purpose that brought us here, afterwards, concentrating on working for the good continuity and evolution of our country and ourselves as individuals."

Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office.

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