News The Soeguibe company celebrates its seventh anniversary The company Soeguibe (Equatorial Guinean Beverage Company) organized a meeting to celebrate the seventh anniversary of its arrival in the country and at the same time, the departure of the former manager and the arrival of his successor.


The Equatorial Guinean Beverage Company (Soeguibe) celebrated this last weekend its seventh anniversary of its installation in Equatorial Guinea.

The ceremony coincided with the departure of the person that has been the General Manager of the firm in recent years, Etienne Lamarche, and with the arrival of his successor, Cyril Brunel.

The event brought together numerous guests, among them, the Governor of the Litoral province, Enrique Mesian Abaga, and directors of other companies, employees of the firm, etc.

In the farewell words of to those who for seven years had been his employees, Etienne Lamarche said, "I'm leaving, with sadness, since I have a good impression of Equatorial Guinea, a country where there is peace and political, economic and social stability". Also, the former manager thanked all the employees for the services performed in the company.

Soeguibe's main activity is the production and bottling of different brands of beer, soft drinks and mineral water, and is located in the port of Bata.

Text and photos: María Jesús Nsang Nguema.

Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office (D.G. Base Internet).