News New Equatorial Guinean brand of beer Beaufort is the name of the new beer made by the Equatorial Guinean beverage company Soeguibe. The brand was presented to the Bata public last Friday at the Hotel Carmen.


The Soeguibe factory, producer of beverages, refreshments and mineral water, has just launched the new Equatorial Guinean beer, with the name of Beaufort.

The presentation of this new product took place at the Hotel Carmen of Bata, and present at the event were the Governor of the Province of Litoral, Silverio Beká Mbá; the Government Delegate of Bata, Bartolomé Owono Nzé; the Regional Delegate of Information, Culture and Tourism, Sebastián Eló Aseko; the Regional Delegate of Social Affairs and Promotion of Women, Bernardita Anguesomo Ekekang, along with businessmen, persons in charge of tourism establishments and the general population. The event was livened up by the comedian, Alejandro Mekomo, and other artists.

Feliciano Nvó Oluy, member of the Soeguibe Board of Directors, informed those present that after seven and a half years of work, it was a great satisfaction for the company to present the public with this high-quality beer.

In turn, the Director General of Seguibe, the Frenchman Etián La Más, reminded everyone that Soeguibe is the first producing factory established in the country since April 30, 2004, and that since then it has been dedicated to producing and bottling important brands such as the beers 33, Asonga, Castel Beer or Guineana, as well as various refreshments, crystal mineral water, and now Beaufort. Products that, as he said, are recognized for their quality and can be found in markets of African countries.

Photos and Text: María Jesús Nsang

Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office (D.G. Base Internet)